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Animated Collsion for Bone Animated Objects in Sansar This video shows how to use an animated collision with a bone animated object in the virtual world of Sansar.
Creating Collision Volumes in Sansar This video shows the different ways you can use and create collision volumes.
Firegoat Gaming Animations in Sansar How to make easy animations in Sansar
Firegoat Gaming Avatar Lessons How to make your own custom avatars
FullSpectrum Avatar Creation Kit Avatar Creation with Blender by Medhue and Bagnaria
How to make a quest How to make a quest
How to Make Animations - Sansar How to make animations with Blender, YouTube video by Medhue
How to easily get and import animations into Sansar Using mixamo!
Livello Alto Brand Real life clothing brand in Sansar
Marvelous Designer Tutorial How to make a basic shirt and import it into Sansar!
Marvelous Designer Office Hours with Daisy Winthorpe How to create clothing for your own avatar or for selling clothing in the Sansar store
Multiple BVH Animations into a Sansar Combined Animation This video shows you how to use 3ds max to load bvh animations onto the Sansar Skeleton and then multiple animations into a single animation and load into Sa...
Rigging an NPC for Sansar - 2.8 Blender How to rig an NPC
Sansar Film Club Episode from Sansar roleplay/improv group
Steal the Baby Event VR game, steal the Drax baby