In this post we will be building a better mouse trap to catch and expel unwanted pests at our parties.

The following assets are being used in this post:

Moderation Tools

Sansar offers a set of in client moderation tools that an owner of a scene can %%kick users that are behaving badly and add them to a banlist to keep them from returning to the scene. But what happens when a group of users flood into a party unexpectedly all at once and the scene owner has to copy all their names in two different admin tools, or what if the scene owner is not available to administer the commands? Getting creative with scripting you can enforce some rules and add some safety features to keep the peace.

Amin privileges

By providing a script parameter for a comma separated list of administrators a scene owner can grant admin abilities to a known group of people at scene creation time. Additionally adding chat commands to add an admin, /admin username, and remove an admin, /radmin username, on the fly a scene owner can leave the party without worry for their guests.

Voting system

By providing a way to enact a vote to ban a user through chat, /vote username. Two modes, either only admins can vote or in the case of no admins present in the scene anyone can call a vote and cast a vote.


You may be wondering how do we kick and ban via script? Technically you can’t actually add a user to the ban list of the client moderation tools nor can you issue a %%kick command. But there are creative ways to eject unwanted Sansarians and make sure they stay out. A session script can keep record of both an admin list and banned list that would persist for that session. With the future promise of a persistent api just over the horizon it would be the next logical step to persist the lists, even share them with other scenes, and have that list persist between sessions.

Security Door

Most in real life places that wish to have control over who enters and leaves has some form of security barrier that you must qualify to pass through before you can join the party. We’ll be doing the same.

Turn on the Physics Visibility for the scene.

invisible cube

Then drag out the Invisible Cube - Collision and place it over your spawn point. You can turn off the Physics Visibility once it has been placed.

physics visibility

I scaled it up by 2 for good measure, make sure Has Collision and IsScriptable are set to On.

invisible cube

Build and test that you cannot get out of the invisible collision cube when you spawn into your scene.

Import Access Control Script add to the cube and configure.

access control script

access control script

Setting the Doors Open will allow your scene to be freely visited, you can use chat command /door closed when you want to restrict entry. When the doors are closed all non admin entries will be held until an admin makes a decision to allow entry or to bannish.

access control script

Chat Commands

/help for a list of the available chat commands

[Script] Access Control Command usage:
/door [open or close]
/ban  [user-handle]
/unban [user-handle]
/admin [user-handle]
/radmin [user-handle]
/vote [user-handle]

/log for a log of all lists and visitors

[Script] There have been 1 visitors
The doors are open: True
Visitor list: 
Name: Binah - Sansar
- isAdmin: True
Admin list: 
- binah-sansar
Banned list: 

/reset to reset a scene for everyone

/door open to open the security gate, /door close to restrict access

/ban user-handle to add user to ban list and expel

/unban user-handle to remove from ban list

/admin user-handle to add an admin

/radmin user-handle to remove an admin

/vote user-handle to vote to add user to ban list and expel