This site is a collection of links from around the web of ways to create and have fun with custom content in Sansar. Inside you will find examples, samples, tutorials and more that have been produced by the Sansar community.

Pull requests for new content and updates to existing content are always gladly accepted.

All are encouraged to ask questions and follow Sansar in Discord Sansar Official Discord!

How to share your content here

If you’re looking for ways to share your stuff through this site you will need to use a GitHub Pull Request.

The github official forking documentation has everything you need to know about how to fork a repository, make additions or changes and submit a pull request.

If GitHub is new to you or you need a refresher the article, “An introduction to Git: what it is, and how to use it”, by FreeCodeCamp is a nice to the point overview of the most important concepts you should know about.

This site is created with Jekyll using the Jekyll Documentation Theme.

Jekyll is best run on a Unix-like system system, if you are on a Windows WSL is suggested for installing and running this site in development mode, although it is not required that you run and build this application to submit content to the site through GitHub.

Adding your own page

You may submit a page by adding a new Markdown file to the /pages directory.

Pages require the following “frontmatter” (meta information at the top of the .md file)

title:  "Your Page Title"
summary: "Summary of the content on this page."
category: blogs
sidebar: sidebar
tags: [ examples ]
permalink: your-page-link.html
author: Your Name
last_updated: January 25, 2020

if you’re ever in doubt just copy an exisiting page and update with your information.

Categories and Tags

Pages are organized under a predefined category and can have up to three tags of your own choosing.

If you feel that your work cannot be defined under an existing category you may propose a new category be added.

You may add any new tags you wish by updating the /data/tags.yml file as well as add a template in the /pages/tags directory.

Tags with more than one word should be separated by underscores and not exceed three words. e.g. marvelous_designer

The content of your page can be in any format that is supported by Markdown on GitHub and conforms to content guidelines below.


Youtube embeds work with the iframe syntax provided by YouTube’s “Share” feature.

Image of YouTuve embed

Content Guidelines

All content must conform to Sansar Content Guidelines and our community Code Of Conduct.